A Painful Subject- "Keep Surviving"

In an upstairs rehearsal space at the home of vocalist Nick Henry, A Painful Subject bloomed from the energetic, driving jams of drummer Zack Henry, bassist Brad Rogers and guitarist Billy Nobles. Each had a vision for what they all wanted to incorporate into this project. 

Between all of their experience, A Painful Subject is a complex mixture of ideas. This makes the band unique in its own way. A Painful Subject has been together since September 2006, and be expecting a lot more to come. 


Walking Out Blind- "One Song"

Walking Out Blind uses their faith combined with hard rock music and an intense stage presence to demand attention from start to finish. And with catchy rhythms, dominating guitar lines, and powerful lyrics, Walking Out Blind shows no sacrifice in the transition from studio sound to live performance.


False Profit - "Broken Promise Land"

False Profit was featured in the July 18th issue of Graffitti magazine. They did a bio on the band and an interview with Tom.

This is the first punk band featured on Homegrown Hysteria and it was the perfect band to pick!


6'6" 240- "The Situation"

Named 6'6" 240 for both his height and size, his music and show performances are as big as he is. Formally one of three MC's in Morgantown's most reknown hip-hop act, the 304 Reconz, 6'6" 240 has grown into the largest hip-hop act in West Virginia.

Releasing his first solo effort "Big Boi Tactics" in 2005, Six came back with his follow up album "Mr. Dub Vee" in Jan. 2007. In the Fall of '06, "Gold N' Blue" was released and became an instant hit for Mountaineer fans. 6'6" 240 has worked with artists such as Bubba Sparx.


Nate Dodge- "Simmer"

Listening to a variety of music, and being inspired by a mix of genres, Nate Dodge provides something different with his new single“Simmer”. Although he has no concrete plans as a solo artist, Nate sings and plays bass in the local funk-metal trio, OFFSET (featured on Homegrown Hysteria Volume 2). 

In the spring of 2006 OFFSETreleased their current album “Pearls in the Mouths of Swine." Nate Dodge and the rest of theOFFSET guys are gearing up for a new EP which will be released at the beginning of 2008. For more information visit www.myspace.com/offsetmetal.


A Struggle Within - "The Absence of Light"

 In A Struggle Within's first CD release just 1 year ago the band made a big statement about what Metal should be, selling over 1,500 copies and playing shows across the East Coast with national acts like Elysia, With Blood Comes Cleansing, Threat Signal and many more. 
           ASW's follow up CD "The Devastation" promises to carry on the same intensity with a darker, more technical sound unlike any band today and will be released sometime in late '07. A full U.S./Canada tour is in the plans for Summer '08. Anyone a fan of insane head-banging, mosh-pitting and straight up pure against the scene metal - check these guys out live!


Diabolus- "Infernal Trial"

Morgantown Metal at it's purest form, Diabolusmembers, Ray Bonnell- Lead Singer, Brandon Fucello- Lead Guitarist, Jimmy Rhodes- Rhythm Guitarist, Bob Stompt- Bass have been making music for 4 years. 

Diabolus'song "Become One" was featured on Homegrown Hysteria Volume 1 and helped bring Morgantown Metal to a new forefront.  

Photo by Sue Amos at Infinite Lens Studios


The Gentlemen - "All Alone"

The Gentlemen are a Celtic Punk band from Morgantown. Although they are new to the Morgantown music scene, they are sure to bring a  fun atmosphere to any venue they play.

The Gentlemen combine traditional Irish Folk with Punk Rock. With members from many different bands and from quite a few states (WV, PA, NJ) they bring energy to every performance.


Ace Beanzand Johnny Harmonic- "Vizion"

Ace Beanz, with his slow swagger and laid back style emits the place he's from South Park. Known also as the Prince of tha Park, look for his first solo effort in stores soon.
Johnny Harmonic from Summersville, WV brings tight lyrics and crowd jumpin flow together with Ace Beanz to form their song "Vizion". These two solo artists come together again for Homegrown Hysteria Volume 3 as they did on Volume 1!


Satchel Brown- "Joe Boozer"

Satchel Browncame together in late 2002, when a few hometown friends (Dave, Ike, and Josh) came together with Mike (Ike's pharmacy school friend) and Chris (Josh's co-worker) started jamming.

Within a few weeks of playing very badly, they began to notice that they were on to something together. Weeks became months, and months became years and Satchel Brownbegan performing at a local bars. Also featured on Homegrown Hysteria Volume 2!


Zach Ellsworth- "Candid Deceit"
www.zachellsworth.com  www.myspace.com/zachellsworth

Do you dig big guitar solos - Arena-Rock Style? Do you hanker for a little blues - just dirty enough to make you wanna wash your hands? Do you long for the sound of golden oldies - like you just left a happenin' sock hop? Then look no further then Zach Ellsworth.


Soberpill- "Who I Am"

In 2001 Soberpillwas born. Thrust into an area where Southern Rock ruled, and New Metal was lacking, they had to figure out a way to do what they wanted, but get everyone to listen to it in the process.  As a 3 piece, Soberpillhas a sound all their own. Soberpillis the only band featured on all 3 volumes of Homegrown Hysteria!


Andra Taylor- "War"


Originally from Maryland, Andra Taylorcame to Morgantown in 2000. Self-taught Andra Taylorhas been writing and playing guitar since she was 17.  In Andra's own words, she's "pissed off about where we are as a country and I'm not going to shut  up about it."  

Andra Taylor's new album "For the Record" will be out later this Fall. Andra Tayloris also fetaured on HomegrownHysteria Vol. 2


The Greens- "Apocalypso"

The Greens are one of the best bands you've never heard of. Hopefully, that will soon change! West Virginia, which is unfortunately NOT often recognized as a musical "hot-spot" (if it's recognized at all!), has been a good home to this unique and soulful group for over 5 years now. The Greensare also featured on Homegrown Hysteria Volume 1!

Homegrown Hysteria Volume 2

Homegrown Hysteria Volume 2 was released in September of 2006. The follow up to Volume 1, Homegrown Hysteria offered new local music including Ricky Lee, Tom Batchelor Band, 
Descension Rate, and Walking Out Blind.

Homegrown Hysteria Volume 2


Genius Negative - Cyclone
Descension Rate - Tin Cradle
Walking Out Blind - Red As Snow
Thred - The Front
Andra Taylor - Medicine
Soberpill - The End
Ricky Lee - BBQ Snake and Apple Pie
The COZ - 12 Days
Tom Batchelor Band - Convocation
Meuwl and B-Rude - Apesh*t
Offset - Rhumba
Fifth Column - Lies
Satchel Brown - Day Unreal
Theodicy - Even Young Men

Homegrown Hysteria Volume 2 is still available at the Den in Morgantown and Fairmont, 
Barnes N' Noble, and the WCLG Studios on High Street. 
For more information contact Kaytie at homegrown@wclg.com.