Lindsey Pipes

    What do you get when you mix together a mosh pit, an uillean pipe, and a smidge of the south?  Lindsey “Pipes”!  Born and raised in Roanoke, VA but a graduate of WVU, Pipes started in radio at U92FM The Moose and has been hooked ever since.  Now she’s “hanging out” here with you!  Who’s ready to rock and roll?!

    Ten Questions With Lindsey:

    Do you have any nicknames?  How did you get them?  My 3 biggest are Peanut (Dad),  Muncharoo (Mom), and obviously Pipes (my director at U92…for burping…;))

    Who would you most like to be a roadie for?  Sum 41!  At least I could look forward to a lot of international tours!

    Where are you from?  Roanoke, VA!  No it is not in NOVA, it is 5 hours from the beach, about 4 from Richmond, and no it is not the lost colony – that is down in the Carolinas (can you tell I’ve been through this before?)

    Favorite dream job as a kid you would still want today?  Pyrotechnician for sure.  Fireworks, concerts, stunts – let’s light ‘em up!

    What would you want written on your tombstone?  “At least she tried.”

    Best advice to give people?  Take a deep breath.  Whether you’re ready for it or not, somehow, someway, things will be resolved.  Just do your best with the knowledge that you have at that time and make the best decision you can and no one can ask any more of you. <3

    Who would you want to bring home for family dinner? THE MAINE!! They are all so sweet and are generally having a good time!  Two of the genuine best moments of my life talking to John and Pat.

    Who would you want to collaborate with?  A Day to Remember and Beartooth.  I think they both bring some awesome things to the table that could mesh well together and thought their material is a bit different I think that whatever they came up with could be very meaningful and moving for some, which is kind of the goal right?

    Best show you’ve ever been to?  BEARTOOTH AT SLAM DUNK!  All I can say is there were many tears, happy and painful, and the Brits sure know how to mosh!

    Superpower?  Flying or Combat “Air” Guitar – like normal air guitar, but you don’t need an instrument to play the notes (which are the actual attacks), just your imagination!

    Most unusual food/ drink combination you’ve tried?Espresso in a pineapple smoothie- was not the best idea.  Do not recommend.  5 thumbs down.  Also Dr. Pepper in place of milk in Rice Krispies.  Also would not recommend.  There are not enough thumbs in the world to dislike that properly.

    What show/ movie have you spent the most time watching over the course of your life? Probably One Piece.  Gilmore Girls was an enormous chunk of my life, and I tend to leave How to Train Your Dragon on loop so throw that in there too.