West Virginia Football Offseason

West Virginia Football Offseason

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: DEC 28 Guaranteed Rate Bowl - West Virginia v Minnesota
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A collection of stories and articles for the Mountaineers offseason

We’re going to write stories and articles about this offseason, since this feels like an offseason that is very important to the Mountaineers. They are on the precipice of needing a big 2022 in order to keep a fan base that is moving past anger and resentment and into apathy and resignation. We’re fans and we have opinions. We’ll share those opinions and as stories break and players join or leave, we’ll try to contain them here.

The Mountaineers have finished their third season under Neal Brown and despite efforts, the team finished under .500 for the second time in three years and is now under .500 for Brown’s tenure. They have now twice lost 7 games and have never won more than 6. His record at West Virginia is 17-18.

The offense has struggled and the defense has played well. Where does the team go from here? Can they make necessary changes, both in personnel and scheme to fix the ride we are on?