1.  Where are you from originally?
      Born and raised in North Central Dub V, but I can’t tell you where, because it isn’t on a map…I’m from a place without a name…wait, is that a country song?
    2. What are the 5 albums you would take to a deserted island?
      Well I would take my iPhone so I could have all my music! Screw having to choose, I can’t live without music!
    3. What was the best concert you ever went to?
      Tool in Pittsburgh when they were touring around Lateralus, the stage theatrics were amaze balls!
    4. Name 5 Entertainers (dead or alive) that you would want to have dinner with.
      The people I would choose probably wouldn’t get along, so this dinner party would last a whole 2 seconds before a food fight broke out, or the cops would be called.
    5. Name your most memorable experience as a DJ.
      The first time someone asked me for my autograph…obviously no one told him I’m not that cool.
    6. What is your favorite song that CLG plays currently on the air?
      This is impossible to answer…
    7. What artist(s) have influenced you the most when you were young?
      Maynard James Keenan has always been an influence, because he is brilliant! I love intelligent people!
    8. What song reminds you of a happy memory?
      AC/DC Highway to Hell, my girls and I would listen to it driving around looking for trouble when I was in high school, such a classic!
    9. At what point in your life did you know that you wanted to be a DJ?
      When I was about 7 years old I figured out how to record radio on cassette tape (remember those?) and I would turn down the DJ and use my little mic to put my voice in place of the DJ. I have been hooked ever since!
    10. Name 5 bands that you would want to perform in your ultimate concert:

    Tool, A Day To Remember (they put on a killer show), Deftones, Rage Against the Machine (if they would perform together again), and lastly Wu-Tang Clan! Yes, I would put them on this bill, they are that killer live!