Afternoon Chaos

Your afternoons are going to be filled with Chaos! Chris Chaos will ROCK you with a little Afternoon Chaos every weekday 3pm-7pm!

Nuts If Ya Listen, Nuts If Ya Don’t!

Chris Chaos is a little unruly!

He works it fast to slow, in and out and all around… and that’s just the first ten minutes of his Morning Chaos Show. He can go all day (and all night 😉).

Hold on to your coffee because Chaos is going to take you on a trip each morning. He rides an energetic edge of raunchy humor, a little sexy banter and let’s fly some crazy behind-the-scenes stories of your favorite rock bands and pop culture icons.

Chris Chaos is a bit bad boy who isn’t afraid to dip into his dorky side. Even with his rock exterior, Chaos cares. He fights for the underdog and is a charitable figure in every community he shows up in.

Right now, you need to know CHAOS CAN ROCK!

Join the ride. Rules optional.


Weekdays 3-7pm
Sound checks 5-6am
Best Of Sat 6-10am


7 o’clock Mandatory Metallica

8 ‘clock Haircuts – Hair Metal

9 o’clock – 90’s at 9

10 o’clock TOOL

11PM – Get the Led Out

Terms of endearment frequently used by the Morning Chaos Show Key:

45 = POTUS
X1 = First wife
X2 = X2 or Satan’s Mistress
Version 1.0 = Son 1
Version 2.0 = Son 2
Version 3.0 = Son 3
Version 4.0 = Son 4
Version 1.1 = Sons Fiancee/Wife
GTS = Google That *Stuff
DSL’s = Delicious, Sultry Lips
Hank & The Twins = His junk
Barnes & Noble = Hers
Round A bout Willy = Change of Direction
One, Two, Buckle My Shoe = Doing the Naughty, Naughty
Styked = Stoked & Syked
Sneak Out = A Louder Form of Silent But Deadly
Anal Anxiety = Pooping

Check back soon for more details!