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Marketing your product or service is never easy.  How do you make an impact in a crowded advertising environment?  Which media will work best?  How do you combine two or more media for best results?  And what should your message be?

Marketing is more complicated than it’s ever been.  That’s why we work hard to keep up with the latest research and information.  And while our job is to sell advertising (and we admit it) if your campaign doesn’t work, you won’t be back to buy more.  We have a vested interest in helping you design a campaign and a media plan that get results!

Did you know???

The desire for instant gratification is one of the most common causes of advertising failure.  The ad that creates sufficient urgency to cause people to respond immediately is also the ad most likely to be forgotten immediately following the “expiration” of the offer.  Such ads are of little use in establishing an identity for the advertiser in the mind of the consumer.  That’s just one cause of advertising failure.  There are 11 more and we’d be happy to share them with you.