Eli Tancin


    1. Where are you from originally?
      Bruceton Mills, WV
    1. What are the 5 albums you would take to a deserted island?
      Reel Big Fish – Our Live Album is Better Than Your Live Album
      Static Jacks – In Blue
      Ramones – Mania
      Queen – News of The World
      Breaking Benjamin – We Are Not Alone
    1. What was the best concert you ever went to?
      Blues Traveler, Sugar Ray, Smash Mouth, and Eve 6 – Pittsburgh at Stage AE
    1. Name 5 Entertainers (dead or alive) that you would want to have dinner with.
      Bill Murray
      Tim Curry
      Reggie Watts
      Gene Wilder
      Mel Brooks
    1. Name your most memorable experience as a DJ.
      Sitting on a couch with Reel Big Fish’s Aaron Barrett & Johnny Christmas exchanging pleasantries after an interview (very nice, and funny guys).
    1. What is your favorite song that CLG plays currently on the air?
      Butthole Surfers – Pepper
    1. What artist(s) have influenced you the most when you were young?
      Gorillaz, Queen, Ramones, Bob Marley, Dispatch, and Michael Franti & Spearhead.
    1. What song reminds you of a happy memory?
      Faces – Ooh La La
    1. At what point in your life did you know that you wanted to be a DJ?
      I didn’t realize I could actually be a DJ till high school when all my friends would ask me for playlists of music I had and ask me about info regarding the artists. I always wanted to entertain people as a child, but it wasn’t till my Junior year in college when I actually took the step when someone offered me a position to be on-air.
    1. Name 5 bands that you would want to perform in your ultimate concert:
      (currently still active) Hall & Oats, Gorillaz, Dispatch, Weezer, & Cake!