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    Marshall’s Bio

    1.  Where are you from originally?
    Being the subject of a “Back-Alley” Adoption, it’s hard to say.

    2.  What are the 5 albums you would take to a deserted island?
    I’d pack an iPod w/ Clash, Cash, Beatles, The Four HorsemenLittle Feat, Dragon AshNIN, Pantera, Ministry, Prince, X Japan, AiC, Wu Tang, Al Green, Manson, Velvets, Joy Division, Janes Addiction, Aco, Parliament Funkadelic, L’Arc-en-Cel, and THE WHITE STRIPES!

    3.  What was the best concert you ever went to?
    Woodstock 94 – All the acid from the first Woodstock…..with twice the mud.

    4.  Name 5 Entertainers (dead or alive) that you would want to have dinner with.
    Entertainers tend to have dreadful table manners.  Keep em’ at the Bar.

    5.  Name your most memorable experience as a DJ.
    Blazin’ one with Dime August 18, 1995.

    6.  What is your favorite song that CLG plays currently on the air?
    What? Choose between my children? Pfft.

    7.  What artist(s) have influenced you the most when you were young?
    I blame Lou Reed for my piss-poor attitude.

    8.  What song reminds you of a happy memory?
    Da Butt – EU

    9.  At what point in your life did you know that you wanted to be a DJ?
    I never wanted to be a DJ.  I wanted to be a ……. Lumberjack.

    10.  Name 5 bands that you would want to perform in your ultimate concert:
    Marshall Fest’s line up would draw such a crowd, it would require more Porta-Johns
    than are currently in operation.