Joan Jett Strikes Back At ‘Tough Guy’ Ted Nugent

Joan Jett Strikes Back At ‘Tough Guy’ Ted Nugent

Joan Jett has struck back at Ted Nugent after the guitarist denounced Jett’s inclusion in 100 Great Guitarists list compiled by Rolling Stone editor David Fricke.

“Is that his implication. that he should be on the list instead of me?” Jett asked in a recent interview with NME. “Well, that’s just typical – it’s what I’ve dealt with my whole life, being written off. Ted Nugent has to live with being Ted Nugent. He has to be in that body, so that’s punishment enough.”

Jett was referring to Nugent’s comments back in December, when he said that Jett should not have been included in Rolling Stone‘s list of the 100 greatest guitarists of all time

“You have to have shit for brains and you have to be a soulless, soulless prick to put Joan Jett [on the list],” Nugent said.

Jett also attacked Nugent’s persona. “He’s not a tough guy,” the former Runaway declared. “He plays tough guy, but this is the guy who shit his pants – literally – so he didn’t have to go in the Army.”

This time Jett was referring to a 1977 interview with High Times magazine in which Nugent said he avoided being drafted into the Vietnam War by abandoning all personal hygiene.

“I ceased cleansing my body. No more brushing my teeth, no more washing my hair, no baths, no soap, no water,” Nugent said at the time, adding that he “stopped going to the bathroom. I did it in my pants. Poop, piss the whole shot.”

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